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    Nantahala River Map – North Carolina

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    The Nantahala River is located in western North Carolina, near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is the most popular river for whitewater rafting and paddling in the Southeastern United States. The word “Nantahala” comes from Cherokee meaning “Land of the Noonday Sun.” The river runs through a narrow and steep gorge stretching eight… Read more »

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    Manhattan on Vacation

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    What if the island of Manhattan left New York City to visit other cities? Where would it go and what would it look like?

    Inspired by Bill Rankin’s “The Errant Isle of Manhattan” and’s “Manhattan Elsewhere” projects, “Manhattan on Vacation” takes the island of Manhattan to San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and Hawaii.

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    NYC Bike Maps .com

    Posted on by took on the ambitious task of mapping New York City’s bike lanes, bike paths, and greenways using google maps and years of GPS data from bike rides around the City. launched in April of 2006 and has been featured on Gothamist, Google’s Summer of Green, and numerous other blogs and websites. As of December 2007, has been used by more than sixty thousand people.