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Silver Comet Trail
-South Cobb Dr to Rockmart

On Street Bicycling Route
-Rockmart to Cedartown

Silver Comet Trail
-Cedartown to AL/GA Stateline

Chief Ladiga Trail
Chief Ladiga Trail (unpaved)


        Trail Access w/ Parking
Bike Shop / Rental Pay Phone
Restrooms 911 Phone
Water / H2O Handicap Access
Food Picnic Tables

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Silver Comet Trail
The Silver Comet Trail is Georgia's most ambitious rails-to-trails project. It was named for the Silver Comet passenger train that used the identical route from 1947 to 1968. Now it is a paved, multi-use recreational trail that currently begins in Smyrna, Georgia and runs west through Paulding and Polk counties, then into Alabama's Chief Ladiga Trail.

Chief Ladiga Trail
The Chief Ladiga Trail is Alabama's first rails-to-trails project. The 33-mile trail stretches from the Alabama-Georgia state line to Anniston. The Chief Ladiga is on the same rail corridor as the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia. The two are expected to be joined after the Cleburne County section is completed. When the Chief Ladiga and the Silver Comet trails are connected there will be a 90-mile corridor available for non-motorized travel from just west of Atlanta, Georgia to Anniston, Alabama.

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